Tuesday, October 6, 2009

iPhone Excusivity

looks like soon iPhone sales are going to skyrocket...

in the past 2 weeks 2 countries and several carriers have announced that they will be selling the iPhone..

UK: Orange UK to offer iPhone soon

Canada: Bell and Telus to offer the iPhone...

...maybe this will push Apple to end in the US?? AT&T currently has the exclusive, but many T-Mobile users have a jailbroken iPhone. People looking to get it on Verizon, but probably will not occur until they drop LTE in 2011.

In other iPhone news, Adobe Flash will not be coming to the iPhone OS, but will be coming for Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm (WebOS), and Android. Although Adobe has managed to show a flash based application. NOTE: THIS WILL NOT ENABLE YOU TO WATCH FLASH VIDEOS ON THE BROWSER OR SEE FLASH ADS OR PLAY GAMES ON WEBSITES.

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