Monday, October 19, 2009

T-Mobile Equipment Installment Plan (EIP)

So I don't think many people understand T-mobile's Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) in the US even websites like engadget are showing it wrong/weird, which is why I'm going to break it down....

First of all, it depends on a customer's credit. A higher class will basically have a higher Equipment Credit Line. As of right now this maybe up $1000 in Georgia. Particularly in Georgia, there exist the 10 EIP, which means you pay for the first tenth (10%) in a CORPORATE RETAIL STORE (ONLY, NOT CUSTOMER CARE OR AUTHORIZED RETAILERS OR ONLINE), and the next 9 payments go on your (maybe 3 months from your actual purchase) with no interest, no finance, etc, etc...(basically finance your expensive phone for free!). Now remember all of this depends on your ECL.

For example, if a person has an ECL of $800, buys a myTouch ($149.99 2 yr contract price) and $50 in accessories on a 2 yr contact (with full discount, of course), then they would pay $14.99 + $18.00 upgrade fee + $5.00 (accessories) + the complete applicable taxes on your purchase. Then you would have 9 payments of $20.00 ($15 for phone + $5 for accessories) starting about 2 or 3 billing cycles from the date of your purchase. And now your available credit line (remaining ECL) is $620.01 (800 - 134.99 (phone price - the first payment you made in the store) - 45 (accessories price - first payment you made in the store)).

Things get kind of complicated when your ECL is less than the purchase price. In that case you can only finance the greatest amount of ECL and your first payment is the difference between the complete purchase price and your ECL.

For example, you buy a $350 phone (TouchPro2 on a 2 yr) and your ECL is $300, then your first payment is $50 (350 - 300) + $18.00 upgrade fee + all applicable taxes, and you will have 9 payments of $33.33 (this maybe off by a few cents, but you get the idea) to go on your bill.

You can of course change what your 'down payment' will be, you don't have to do 10%, but its default at that.

These were scenarios for EIP 10 which is default at 10%

On EIP 4, which is default at 25%
On EIP 20, which is default at 5%

There maybe more, but Georgia was a test market for all of them, and I don't think there are any more....

Well, hope that helped!

Monday, October 12, 2009

all is not lost root-ers!

so cyanogenmod, the cool people at google, and other help from the dev community figured out how to keep the all important google apps using an HTC recovery image! so root, then install the new rom (CyanogenMod 4.1.999) which is stable; from reading some comments and forums, it seems like it is pretty much a must to do an upgrade_fs to ext3/4 to make this work real smooth
Below are the instructions copied right from cyanogen's wordpress:

CyanogenMod 4.1.999

I’m calling this 4.1.999 because I’m waiting for the MT3G OTA, and my new installer is a little different. The ROM itself should be incredibly stable, though. This is a modified version of AOSP 1.6 without the proprietary bits. In order to get up and running the first time, you’ll need to follow some simple instructions.

But first..

The Android devices we own come with many files that can’t be redistributed legally, and as you all probably know, I can no longer include these with my ROMs. So, in order to get up and running, you’ll need a compatible device with a compatible ROM.

If you are already running CM-4.1.99+, you can ignore the steps below and just flash!

Install instructions from SimpleHelp:…android-phone/

Install instructions for an HTC Dream/ADP1/G1:
1- Perform a Backup……nandroid, etc
2- Download: Android 1.6 Recovery Image. This isn’t the type of recovery image we know. It’s HTCs version of an
3- Download my ROM. Posted Below
4- Mount your phone and place BOTH 1.6 Image and my ROM on your SD Card.
5- Reboot into recovery mode *Home+Power*
6- WIPE!!!! This will allow google apps to function, correctly.
7- Apply sdcard:choose zip *PICK* from the list
ALLOW IT TO INSTALL FIRST… will see the “unbox” image………then it will automatically reboot HOLD HOME button while it reboots.
8- Apply sdcard:choose zip *Pick* from the list.
9- Reboot!

Install instructions for an HTC Magic (32B ONLY!!!)/ION/MyTouch3G

Same as above if you are using CM-Recovery 1.4.


Same as above EXCEPT step 2
Download HTC ADP 1.6 DRC83…
*You have to manually reboot MT3G and hold home.

IF HTC Touch Input Force Closes: install file below =)

(v4.1.999 – almost-stable-beta version, updated 10/4):
MD5Sum: 7f8b377c5ded60e057140119ab2a3fbd

Audio Resources (unzip to your SD card):
MD5Sum: 7340ba86ddd4fba918ef97601c675ef9

HTC Touch Input:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sony ericsson

i found out today that the technical team (or R&D) for Sony Ericsson (the one that designs UI's and stuff for phones) has moved to Raleigh, NC, USA. This means that from now on all Sony Ericsson phones will first be released in the US and later moved to Europe.

Reason for this???

Social networking is HUGE in the US. Twitter, MySpace, Facebook are US companies and Trending Topics are always US issues. Social networking is the NEXT BIG THING, starting with the US. Therefore, we will see phones that primarily meet this need! Once social networking gets bigger and moves internationally more, those same phones will meet their needs.....but just later...

iPhone Excusivity

looks like soon iPhone sales are going to skyrocket...

in the past 2 weeks 2 countries and several carriers have announced that they will be selling the iPhone..

UK: Orange UK to offer iPhone soon

Canada: Bell and Telus to offer the iPhone...

...maybe this will push Apple to end in the US?? AT&T currently has the exclusive, but many T-Mobile users have a jailbroken iPhone. People looking to get it on Verizon, but probably will not occur until they drop LTE in 2011.

In other iPhone news, Adobe Flash will not be coming to the iPhone OS, but will be coming for Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm (WebOS), and Android. Although Adobe has managed to show a flash based application. NOTE: THIS WILL NOT ENABLE YOU TO WATCH FLASH VIDEOS ON THE BROWSER OR SEE FLASH ADS OR PLAY GAMES ON WEBSITES.

T-Mobile announces its 3rd and 4th Android Phones

Motorola Cliq as I already told you about and........

next is the Samsung Behold II (basically American version of the gravity)...some pics:

...from gizmodo...

will have a 5mp snapper, presumably android 1.6 (donut), 3.5 mm headphone jack, an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, TouchWiz interface, and the lack of a keyboard and a trackball..

sad days for android

so now most of you probably know about the cyan0genmod and how a cease and desist letter was sent prohibiting devs from packaging closed-source proprietary google apps with the mods...

so now we will wait until google comes up with a solution or maybe cyan0gen will...???