Monday, September 14, 2009

Deutsche Telekom aka T-Mobile to buy Sprint Nextel? Probably, not.

The last few weeks have created a buzz about Sprint Nextel being done, finished, hasta luego, etc...whatever..
Because DT previously looked at buying Sprint Nextel, rumors once again resurface. The problem is even though together they would create the second largest US carrier, they are completely different networks. Sprint with CDMA, Nextel with iDen, and T-Mobile with GSM...
This would create gigantic problems for DT if it went through. It would take billions to convert Sprint and Nextel to GSM and also stop its completely crazy random WiMax-ness through CLEAR.

So, probably wont go through...but T-Mo might pick up a smaller company to improve its platform......

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Motorola CLIQ with Motoblur announced officially for T-Mobile

so a few days ago (in fact the day after sprint announced the hero) t-mobile officially announced that they will be taking out the Motorola CLIQ (or DEXT in Europe). This is motorola's first android phone and i'm pretty sure this is what they are depending on to get them out that long, dark, black tunnel they have been in for the last 10 years..hehe..

hardware from reviews, etc. looks pretty solid and motoblur----honestly is pretty sweet...
manufacturers are finally catching on to android and what they can do with it..

motoblur lets you track your phone if youve lost it on a maps application on your computer

also constantly updates your twitter and facebook friends fact say someone is calling you...their status(es) come up and if theyre in a bad mood, you ignore the call!! haha thats a funny one

a 5 mp camera....once again no flash

and finally a phone for tmo with a 3.5mm headphone jack!!!

anyways check out the website:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1 click root for android until there is a security patch

***NOTE: All credit goes to the devs, I am not responsible for bricking your phone.

Also, this may not work if you have ugraded to the next update!

As is customary with these kind of posts, some disclaimers:

  1. This could be dangerous.
  2. This should only be used if you know what you are doing.
  3. Although this technique will work for any currently shipping android phone, this specific APK will works easiest with phones that are compatible withcyanogen’s 1.4 recovery image for the HTC Dream/Magic (32B).. There are instructions posted below for how to download a recovery.img that will work for other phones to your SD card, and how to use this apk to root those phones as well – it’s just not one-click… it’s more like some typing and 1-click so it might take you 30 seconds longer to do)

Now, some credit:

  1. Zinx did all the work on this

UPDATE: The “Recovery Flasher” is no longer in the market. This is entirely understandable and we as a community have no real right to be upset about this (their market, their rules – and after inspecting it they determined that the app violates them). So… Consider yourself lucky if you were one of the several thousand people who got it before it was taken down – and if not… there are plenty of mirrors to get it from posted here. (Android by design allows you to install applications from a variety of locations – you aren’t locked down to just one provider like on some fruity phones). So please don’t have a knee-jerk reaction and get mad at Google for this – they are still very much hacker-friendly (just search the market for applications that only work on rooted phones and you’ll realize that they are pretty laissez-faire in the market).

Flashing your recovery image:

based on Android logo and a perverted sense of humorAlthough the exploit itself can be used to execute anything as root, the prepackaged APK is designed to flash your recovery image with an updated one that allows installing modified updates signed with a publicly available key The reason for this is pretty simple: It’s the easiest way to enable you to install some modified image. It also enables you to use nandroid to backup (and restore) your entire phone to your sd card, and basically gives you what you need to be one of the cool kids andinstall custom android roms at will

Install the APK

The application has been uploaded to the market, and that’s the fastest place to get it from. Open up the Market and search for “Recovery Flasher” and download it from there,

In your settings, under software, tell it to allow untrusted sources. (necessary since the APK isn’t available in the market). Then, from the browser on your phone download the “recovery flasher 0.1 APK” from here: Install it… and open it up.

Download from one of these mirrors

It looks like this:

recovery flasher From here:

  1. click on “backup recovery image”
  2. click on “Flash Cyanogen Recovery 1.4″

(in mine there is the option to restore my previous one since I already backed that thing up)

Test that it worked

Power your phone down. Reboot into “recovery mode”. On all phones I’m aware of, you do this by holding down “Home” and “Power” when turning it on. When you see something like this:

cyanogen's recovery modeFrom here, you can install any of the custom roms using the instructions above. I highly recommend you use the “nandroid backup” button at this point.


Known issues:

  • EVERY TIME YOU REBOOT YOUR PHONE INTO NORMAL ANDROID IT UNDOES WHAT YOU JUST DID. Every time android boots, it reflashes the recovery partition with the default one from a file stored in your phone. For safety reasons, we are not replacing this file – just flashing the partition directly. So if you boot to recovery mode, then boot back into your normal mode, and then boot back into recovery mode – you will see a triangle with an exclamation point and only 3 options. DO NOT WIPE YOUR DATA IF YOU ONLY SEE 3 OPTIONS AND AN EXCLAMATION POINT If you only see three options, reboot your phone into normal android mode and re-run the “Recovery Flasher” application – and THEN boot into recovery mode and you will see all the options.
  • If your phone doesn’t work with cyanogen 1.4’s image (which I believe are 32A HTC Sapphires [Rogers HTC Magic, etc]) you should not use this as-is – see my instructions for those phones at the bottom.. If recovery fails to boot, you should be able to pull the battery and reboot into the normal phone and then open the recovery flasher app again and “restore” your backed up recovery.img – but no promises… This is all done at your own risk.
  • The exploit used (CVE-2009-2692) in this hack is already patched. The kernel was patched upstream on August 11th, so it is likely that an update will be pushed out from T-mobile VERY quickly to help prevent malicious people from using this same exploit.
  • Apologies in advance to anyone who has to work quickly and work hard to patch this exploit in the wild. (Although it should be noted that if you just shipped phones that weren’t neutered in the first place, it would save us all a lot of work and help us all be on the same team… but that’s a topic for another post.)

make a goldcard

***NOTE: All credit goes to the devs, I am not responsible for you bricking your phone!

1. Download QMAT
It’s a demo version so will only can open for 10 minutes.

2. Format your memory card to fat32. Please keep in mind some card does not work.

3. Search in your android market for ‘Terminal Emulator’

4. type ‘ cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid ‘ without the quote sign.

5. Note that code down on a notepad or something. Make sure everything is noted correctly.

6) Go to QMAT site, download QMAT 4.36
7) Extract the file, double click on qmat.exe
8 ) Click on Cyptoanalysis Tools > Crypto Toolbox
9) Look way below, there is a text box (beside “Reverse String” button. Key in the cid number you’ve got earlier
Click on the “Reverse String” button, the result is reversed…
Example: 532600bd227d9c0347329407514d5402
10) Copy the reversed cid
11) Go to QMAT again to generate your goldcard (this is free for G1 phone, Thanks to Viper!)

12) Enter your email. For the CID, enter the reversed cid you’ve got earlier. However you need to replace the first 2 characters to 00.

Example: From “532600bd227d9c0347329407514d5402” to “002600bd227d9c0347329407514d5402”

13) click Continue and you will receive the goldcard.img via your email.
14) Go to your email, download the goldcard.img and save it to a directory first.
15) Now, download HxD Hex Editor for this site

16) Install and launch HxD Hex Editor program
17) Go to Extra tab > Open Disk. Under Physical disk, select Removable Disk (Must be your SD card), uncheck “Open as Readonly), click OK.

18) Go to Extra again, Open Disk Image, open up goldcard.img which you’ve saved to a directory earlier.
Now, you should have two tabs, one is your removable disk, the other is goldcard.img. Press OK when prompted for “Sector Size” 512 (Hard disks/Floppy disks), click OK.

19) Click on goldcard.img tab. Go to Edit tab > Select All, edit tab again > copy.
20) Click on the “removable disk” tab. Select offset 00000000 till offset 00000170, click on Edit tab and then Paste Write.
21) Click on File > Save. You may exit this program

Now, do a test to see if your SD card is “compatible”

Disconnect the USB cable connected to your SD card, then plug it back again. Go to My Computer, you will see your SD card (E.g. “Removable Disk ( F” ), double click and see if you can access it. If it prompted you to format, then forget about this SD card, don’t think it will work. After trying for days, I ended up buying a Kingston 2GB card.

Monday, September 7, 2009

root your mytouch3g (tmobile usa htc magic)

****Note: I did not make this guide, use at your own risk and ALL credit goes to the devs!

Thumbs up [How-To] Root and un-root the T-Mobile myTouch 3G

After a lot of trial and error we finally did it! Many thanks to Jrbourque for being a tester with balls (he could have bricked his phone) and Haykuro for all the tips and tricks . Please give them credit where credit is due

Proceed on your own risk, you might brick your phone!!!

Please start a new thread in the general section if you have issues creating a goldcard, this how-to assumes that you have a working Goldcard.
- Create a Goldcard according to this tutorial (Sandisk SD-cards might not work, I used a Kingston 2GB SD and it worked fine).
- Copy to your goldcard.

PREPARE your spare SD
- Format a spare SD FAT32 (not your Goldcard! )
- Download the 1.33.2005 hboot, rename it to and copy it to the root of your spare SD.

FLASH your T-Mobile myTouch 3G
Make sure are using fastboot from the latest SDK (release 3) !
- Power-off your device
- Insert the goldcard
- Power on while holding volume down (of fastboot your device and then press volume down)
- It should pick up the and you should be able to flash it.
- Once the flashing is FULLY finished power off your device.
- Remove the goldcard and insert the SD (with
- Power on while holding back (=fastboot) and connect the USB cable
- Download my RAv1.2.0H recovery and fastboot it :
fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img
- Once the recovery is booted wait a while
- Apply the (you are now flashing the 1.33.2005 SPL)
- Once the SPL is flashed you have to power off your device and boot it again in fastboot mode.
- The SPL should now read 1.33.2005.
- Power off your device and pull out the SD-card
- erase the on your SD-card (via cardreader)
- Download my RAv1.1.0H 32A based ROM and rename it to and copy it to the root of your SD-card (via cardreader)
- Insert the SD into your device.
- Power on while holding back (=fastboot) and connect the USB cable
fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img
- Apply the located on your SD-card

For Daredevils : Perform the following steps only if you want to revert to a 32B based radio and ROM.
Revert to 32B Radio and ROM :
- Download your favorite 32B ROM and copy it to your sdcard
- Download the Ion radio image from the HTC site.
- Extract radio.img from using your favorite rar/zip program.
- Download my 32B RAv1.2.0G recovery.
- Fastboot your mobile and connect it via USB :
fastboot flash radio radio.img fastboot erase system -w fastboot erase boot fastboot erase recovery fastboot flash recovery recovery-RAv1.2.0G.img
- press MENU to power off! (do not reboot)
- hold HOME and POWER to boot into recovery mode
- apply update

Original T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Splash Image (Thanks Haykuro)
Download it here
fastboot flash splash1 splash.nb
Un-Root your T-mobile MyTouch 3G (and receive back those OTA updates)
- Download this nbh and rename it to sappimg.nbh (MD5 33D958062CC02BB2CEC157F68621D2FF)
- Copy sappimg.nbh to your goldcard (a normal SD might also work if you are using an engineerings SPL, give it a try and let us know ).
- Power-off your device
- Insert the goldcard (or SD)
- Power on while holding volume down (of fastboot your device and then press volume down)
- It should pick up the and you should be able to flash it.
- Once the flashing is FULLY finished reboot your phone.

root your g1

***Note: I did not make this, use at your own risk, and ALL credit goes to the devs!***

Default How-to- Root, Hack, and Flashing your G1/Dream Read first!!

Why should you root your Dream/G1?
Well, hopefully one of those reasons convinced you to get root access on your phone!

Preparing to Get Root on your Phone
Getting root on your phone involves exploiting a security hole that existed in an early version of Android. The versions with the security holes are known as RC19, RC28, and RC29 (or RC7 or lower for UK phones). As of RC30 (RC8 on UK), Google patched the security hole so that your phone can not be rooted (don't worry, we can still root it!).
To check your version, go to the Home Screen, click your menu button, choose "Settings", and then click "About phone". You will then see the following screen:

If you have US-RC30/UK-RC8 or higher, you will first need to downgrade your phone to a previous version. (Skip these steps otherwise)
  1. Format your phone's SD card to FAT32 mode:
    • Hook your phone up to your computer using a USB cable and then wait for the notification to show up in your title bar of your phone.
    • Click the notification, and then click "Mount".
    • A new removable disk should show up on your computer. Right click it and select Format, and select FAT32 as the file system type.
  2. Download and unzip the RC29 or RC7 image file. Copy the DREAMIMG.nbh file to the SD card. (RC29 for US, RC7 is for UK)
  3. Turn the device power off.
  4. Hold Camera button, and press Power button to entry bootloader mode. You should see a gray/white screen with instructions to flash your phone with the update on your SD card. If you don't see that, make sure you followed the instructions properly.
  5. As per the on-screen instructions, press the Power button to start upgrade procedure. DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS.
  6. After it is finished, perform the restart your phone.

Rooting your RC29 or lower phone:
On RC29 phones and lower, anything you type into your keyboard is also being run in a hidden console with root permissions. More information regarding that at the bottom of this post. But, to get root access, do the following:

  1. Download recovery.img and copy it to your SD card (see the previous instructions on how to copy from your computer to your Phone's SD card).
  2. Download the Hard SPL and copy the zip file to the SD card.
  3. All files must be on the root of your SD card.
  4. Restart your phone. Wait for your phone to start up fully and show the home screen.
  5. After your phone starts up, hit the enter key twice, type "telnetd" and press enter. (Yes, it will start up a contact search, don't worry. Just type it.)
  6. Download an Android "Telnet" application from the Market and connect to localhost.
  7. If you connect successfully, you will have a root prompt "#".
  8. Type the following into Telnet (these commands will give you root access easier in the future):
    • mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    • cd sdcard
    • flash_image recovery recovery.img
    • cat recovery.img > /system/recovery.img
Now you have root!

What To Do Now That You Have Root
Now that you have root, you will want to apply "Hard SPL" to your phone. HardSPL is what will allow you to apply flash images from other regions (like UK on US phones, and vice versa), create full backups of your phone, install the latest build from the Android source, and usually resurrect your phone if it is "bricked". You have already downloaded the file to your SD card, so now you can apply it.
  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Start up in recovery mode by holding home and pressing power.
  3. You will now enter recovery mode. You should see an exclamation.
  4. If you do not see a menu on screen, press Alt-L to show the menu.
  5. Press Alt-S to apply the update from the SD card.
  6. After the update is complete, hold Home and press Back to restart.

And now, the last step! You are still running an old version of Android, but you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest update! You can do this, and not lose root by downloading modified versions of the updates.

First, choose a modified image from the list below:

ADP1.1: (md5: bacc58302e0b239d66c7bcc8db6c434b)

RC33: (md5: f24b6c237775147cb4bc42efc2393973)

RC8: (md5: de2d0d34adbb4015ee3aa5e4e7ca3c07)

  1. Download the image.
  2. Rename it to
  3. Copy it to your phone's SD card.
  4. Turn your phone off.
  5. Start up in recovery mode by holding Home and pressing Power.
  6. Press alt-W to wipe your device. (You need to do this, or the device may hang at the flashing Android screen)
  7. Press alt-S to apply the update.

And that's it! Remember to check the links up top to learn how to use root to do the advanced things I mentioned.